Our River District

A page dedicated to sharing the stories of the people who live and work in The River District. Each of these residents and businesses are bringing life back into this area and have a unique story to share.

Insider Tour: River District Retail

Insider Tour: River District Retail

Sarah LanCarte, Founder of LanCarte Commercial, takes us on an insider tour of the brand-new commercial spaces in the heart of The River District.


Emma and Travis’ Story

Owners of Heim Barbecue, Emma and Travis, are sharing their beginnings in barbecue and what led them to their second location in The River District.

Jimmy’s Story

Artist Jimmy Jenkins is sharing the inspiration behind his River District murals, his latest projects, and advice for aspiring artists.

Insider Tour: Heim Barbecue

Emma and Travis Heim, Owners of Heim Barbecue, are taking us behind the scenes and inside the smokehouse at their newest location–Heim Barbecue on the River.

Insider Tour: Gemelle

Chef Tim Love, Owner of Gemelle, is giving us a grand tour of his new restaurant and sharing his vision, inspiration, and goals for the Gemelle experience.

Tim’s Story

Restauranteur and Chef Tim Love is sharing the inspiration behind his new restaurant, Gemelle, in The River District.

Insider Tour: Salsa Limon

Milo Ramirez, Founder of Salsa Limon, takes us behind the scenes of starting his business, fighting to keep it alive, and how he landed in the District.

Alex’s Story

Alex, owner of a boutique marketing company and River District resident, shares her passion for marketing small businesses.

Insider Tour: Trinity Trails

Noelle, a River District resident, shows us some of her favorite spots along the Trinity River in The River District.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah, co-founder of Fitted, shares why she was inspired to start an athletic clothing company with her longtime friend, Missy.

Milo’s Story

The owner of Salsa Limon dishes on how he got into the taco business and landed in The River District.

The Bakers’ Story

River District residents Taylor and Jennifer share the story of how their beloved Chocolate Lab, Reagan, gained Instagram fame.